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Our Story

About free of…bath & body care

I started thinking about free of… because my wife was very sick.  She was having some success and was beginning to feel better, up to a point, on a whole food nutrition and supplement program.  She noticed though that after taking a shower she would feel slightly nauseous.  I figured the chlorine in the shower must be making her ill, so we purchased a filtration system that eliminated the chlorine. Unfortunately, she continued having the same symptoms.  So the only other thing it could have been was her bath products making her sick.  Our next step was to go out and buy “organic” and pure botanical products.  Some of the “organic” products contained harsh petroleum chemicals, and the pure botanicals would grow mold or leave us feeling not so clean.  After much searching, we still couldn’t find bath products we were satisfied with, so we developed our own.  Now my wife and I are free of… and healthy.

We are proud to share free of… bath & body care with you.  These products are designed to clean your hair and body without the use of toxic chemicals.  Eating well and exercise isn’t enough to truly be healthy.  We need to be concerned about the chemicals we put on our bodies on a daily basis because they eventually enter our blood stream.  With free of… bath & body care, you can minimize the hidden impact of the toxic environment by providing our products to your customers and patients.

My patients don’t just like the products they “love” the products. 

Be free of… be healthy,

Jason A. Copping, DC

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